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Shower Walls is one of the largest manufacturers of Cultured Marble Tub Surrounds. We have successfully delivered and installed more than 300 main hotel chains and Apartments across the United States.

Our factory facility is located 160 miles south from our distribution center conveniently located in Laredo, Texas. All materials are securely palletized and crated in order to arrive to the job site in perfect condition.
We specialize in premium quality Cultured Marble Vanity Tub Surrounds and Shower Bases. Most of these are designed specifically for Hotels, Motel, Apartments, Studing Housing and Residential.
Our products are certified by Universal Laboratories to meet and exceed the standards set by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute.
Our cast polymer products are made by mix natural filler materials with polyester resin to form a durable product that is well suited for a wide variety of applications: vanity tops with integral bowl, kitchen sinks, drop-in, window sills, and other custom sizes.
We offer a wide variety of beautiful colors such white/white, solid white, solid bone, white/bone, onyx and granite colors that are compatible with colors of other major fixture manufacturers. We are also able to equal most of the colors available.
All products are available in either a gloss or satin finish.
All products are individually packaged to provide maximum protection from factory to final destination. For additional protection, we palletize and band or stretch-wrap all orders.

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